Medina Police – Honored to Serve Our Community


The role of police officers is multi-dimensional as they are both a part of the community they serve, and the government protecting that community. The Medina Police Department provides law enforcement and emergency response services to the citizens of Medina and Loretto. We pride ourselves on being a professional, proactive, and transparent police department.

As we reflect on the last year, we recognize that many have faced hardships. It has not been an easy time in our lives in many regards. During this time, we have witnessed the community coming together to help and support each other. The police chief and members of the city council welcomed opportunities to meet with residents to discuss modern-day policing and how we can better serve our citizens. It is our mission to treat all people with the utmost respect and dignity in every situation. One way that we prepare for serving our citizens to the best of our ability is to attend in-depth training on a regular basis that includes Implicit Bias and Crisis Intervention Technique training.

The Medina Police show off their lights at the 2021 Hamel Rodeo Parade

A unique service we provide to our residents is that we perform “house checks” while residents are away from their homes for a period of time. With this service, we collect information from the homeowner and then officers will occasionally drive by the house and see if everything appears ok. This is a service provided for our residents as we feel that being proactive and observant are the best methods for preventing issues. Residents may call, email, or stop in to sign up for the house-check service.

Every year the Medina Police host a Bike Rodeo at their main headquarters, fitting bike helmets and offering an obstacle course.

Another way that we serve our communities is by hosting events that provide residents, businesses in the community, and the police department with an opportunity to get together. These include our Bike Rodeo, Medina Celebration Day, Loretto FunFest, Holy Name Fall Festival, and the Hamel Rodeo & Parade. We also coordinate efforts with the local fire departments to help plan the Night to Unite event and this gives us an opportunity to meet residents in the neighborhoods they live in. Many of our officers and reserve officers attend these events. They often lead to a great discussion about how we can better serve our community and an opportunity to learn what their needs are.

Assisting shoppers at the Medina Target with the Shop with a Cop program during the holiday season.

Our officers enjoy engaging with citizens and being available to support the many different needs that the city has. Our personnel take great pride in serving our community and are grateful for the ongoing support from our elected officials, city administrator, and the community alike. We are grateful to serve such a wonderful community!