Oh my aching back!


This time of the year can be tough on your back if you have a yard and like to garden. There is really no ergonomically correct way to do planting and weeding! You have to bend over, usually for long periods of time.

Gardening is a wonderful way to connect with nature and is a great stress relief for many. So, how to balance the physical stress on your back with the relaxation and mental relief for your mind?

First of all, take breaks stand up and stretch you back backwards, to counter the constant forward bending. Walk around for a little bit or do some other chore that can be done upright, before returning to the weeding work. 

Set a time limit for yourself and know that the weeds will be there tomorrow. Divide the yard up in zones and work on one per day. Don’t try to complete all the work in one day!

A good kneeling pad is a must or a low stool to sit on. If you like to grow vegetables, investing in or building raised garden beds can extend your gardening hobby for many years. Planting flowers in tall pots instead of low garden beds make both planting and weeding a breeze for your back.

Now is a great time to plan ahead for next year’s gardening season, since when spring comes around, you will have forgotten all about your stiff and sore gardening back!

And, of course, it is a great idea to visit your chiropractor if your back ache persists for longer than a day or two. Gardeners can also benefit from a deep tissue massage to relax after strenuous gardening work.

Enjoy the gardening season. Nothing tastes better than home grown vegetables, harvested right before you prepare them!