Medina & Area Health & Wellness Business Updates


Changes are constant during this COVID-19 time. Here are updates we have received from our Hamel/Medina and area health & wellness business sponsors.

Services Available:
We are open to all our normal eye care services, and are welcoming both new and established patients. 
COVID-19 Changes:
What changes can patients expect to see?–We have put into place a number of steps to protect our patients and staff. This includes plexiglass shields at entrance, increased sanitation and disinfection policies, and limiting the number of patients flowing through our office. We also require patients wear face masks to their appointments, and all staff are wearing face masks as well. 
Guidelines Patients Should Know:
As mentioned above, patients will be required to wear masks. Prior to COVID, my office had become mostly cashless. This means we can accept cash, but are unable to make change. Paying by card is the majority of our transactions. We do also accept checks. 
Additional Information:
We’d like to thank the community for the outpouring of concern during our office closure and now afterwards. It means so much to us that our patients and the community care about our survival as a local business, and their support is greatly appreciated. Know that we are here to continue to serve you! 


Services Available:Chiropractic was listed as an essential business in Minnesota. We have stayed open to help with the community offering chiropractic and acupuncture services, seeing current and new patients during the pandemic.
COVID-19 Changes:Patients at our office have expected that we follow the CDC guidelines for cleaning surfaces that have been touched and wearing masks.  As well as social distancing in the office. 
Additional Information: It has been an interesting time in practice in  which many specialists have closed their doors and we were able to accept them as patients.  As well as patients that were waiting for surgery and could not function due to their pain, came into see me to get them functioning until the surgery was reinstated.  I was also available for the many patients that were having pain due to their new desk set up at home.  It has been a privilege to be able to help the community thru this time when human contact was unfavorable.   My office turned onto the safe place to let the stress be known and to feel better physically.

Services Available: We are open again and able to see all patients for all services. We are accepting new patients as well.
COVID-19 Changes: We have always been in the business of infection/virus control. As always, every chair, every touchable surface including the walls are wiped down with an anti-viral solution after each and every patient. Some changes you might notice include: pre-screening our patients, taking forehead temperatures immediately upon arrival, handing our patients masks to wear while not in the dental chair, limiting the amount of people in the waiting room. Our clinical staff are doing all they can to minimize aerosols in the air. This includes an exciting new piece of equipment called the Solea Laser. We are one of the few dentists in the Twin Cities to incorporate this new technology. We now have the ability to perform fillings and other procedures without needles (Novocaine) and without a drill! Patients are LOVING it!! It also minimizes chair time. Fillings can be done in as little as 15 minutes.
Guidelines Patients Should Know: If patients wish to wait in their car, that option is available. We call them when we are ready for them.
Additional Information: With our strict standards and new technology, we hope to be taking the fear out of going to see the dentist.

Services Available:
We are providing all services to new and current patients: Chiropractic care, disc decompression therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition consultations and rehab exercise.We are fully operating normal hours but with recommended precautions and cleaning procedures.
COVID-19 Changes:
Social distancing and masks worn around and  by vulnerable patients. We do not accept patients that feel sick or have a temperature at this time.
Guidelines Patients Should Know:
We use reasonable guidelines and have not gone overboard with restrictions. Social distancing, hand washing and not touching your face are still most the important precautions. Masks are not mandatory, since the latest opinion is that they really offer no protection against viruses, unless it’s a fitted N95 masks, which are reserved for hospitals.
Additional Information:
The evidence is very strong that Covid-19 spreads mostly indoors, so get outside and breath fresh air and get sun on your body!The suns ultraviolet light kills viruses and Vitamin D is important for optimal function of your immune defense. As long as you keep social distancing, it makes no sense to wear a mask when outside, since it makes you breath in your own exhaled CO2, which acidified your blood PH an thereby decreases your immune function! Stay healthy and enjoy the summer!