Letter from the Editor


The Black Swan will eventually fly away but until then…..

Working for a small independently, owned business who relies on events for a significant portion of revenue, it’s become apparent that our industry and others in hospitality, are facing great economic headwinds. From bars and restaurant staff to venues and others who make a living supporting live entertainment, acute economic impacts are already being felt. 

Fortunately, most understand the public health reasons behind cutting or severely limiting commercialized social gatherings. Unfortunately, understanding doesn’t stop the need for a restaurant owner to ask their bank for a 3 month deferments on a loan or a bartender trying to make rent this month without Friday and Saturday night’s normal tips. As I write this, the President just announced a National Emergency which will free up federal funds to help combat this health and economic crisis we’re facing. 

However, in times like these, it is up to us as individuals to do what we can do to help our communities beyond relying on State or Federal Governments to do it for us. 

Below are 12 ideas to consider. I realize many are not original but worth emphasizing nonetheless.  

  1. Don’t use the medical system unless it’s a true emergency.
  2. Stay home if you’re sick.
  3. Watch someone else’s children if they need to work or organize a group daycare share situation in the event school is cancelled.
  4. Check in on friends and family via texts and calls, especially the elderly who are likely not leaving their homes and potentially feeling lonely and isolated
  5. Dance to loud music in the house or on your front lawn. I recommend 60s rock, 80s pop or 90s alternative. 
  6. Order takeout from your local restaurants or purchase a gift card to be used in the future to help keep staff employed and rent paid. 
  7. Offer to bring someone’s college student home or house out of town students if you have extra room.
  8. Exercise. It will not only build your immune system but will help keep you from going stir crazy.
  9. Create interactive projects for your children to keep them busy beyond screen time.
  10. Try to spend money closer to home on small businesses whenever possible. 
  11. Consider donating surplus food or hygiene supplies to the needy. Especially, if things look to be turning around and you don’t wind up needing 156 rolls of toilet paper, 2 gallons of hand sanitizer and 48 cans of fruit cocktail for 2 weeks of self-quarantine. 
  12. Enjoy the additional close time you have with your close friends and family. Black swan events can bring everyone closer and remind us that no matter how fragile the world can seem right now, it will be our unbreakable human bond to one another that gets us through to the other side. 

Now go wash your hands, make some coffee and check out those Covid-19 stats on your phone.  Then again you could just crack a beer, pour a glass of wine or slam an OJ while listening to “Things Can Only Better” by Bruce Jones.  After all, you’re still alive at this point and things can only get better, right? 


Chris Pederson