Many express it as thankless work, a never ending road, never getting paid, giving away precious time you could have spent with your family and friends! It is true in a way.

You attempt to preserve & celebrate your culture in a new country OR
You collaborate to create a program to bring your culture awareness to the next generation OR
You give up your luxury and help out women & children in need OR
You become a small part of a expressive poetic endeavor OR
You become a catalyst in highlighting empowered women OR
You are that tiny step that brings a community together to help most vulnerable OR
You get creative in helping someone earn a living in a pandemic.

In my opinion, in your pursuit to become a happy, dedicated, satisfied volunteer – what matters is:
When you look back & feel satisfied on not having missed those festivals in your new home
Meeting youngsters that turn out to be fine youth with acceptance of their heritage
Learning that many women were encouraged to express and feel empowered
Finding out one small step of yours brought the joy of food in someone’s life
Learning how many could earn a wage and support their family.

What DOESN’T matter:
If some sugar coat their derogatory remarks doubting your capabilities
When some undermine you as a simpleton
When some big people call you small minded
When some talk behind your back to ensure you are always under radar
When some ensure media limelight for most but you
When some call you names that hurt you inside out
When some feel threatened by your presence, just steal your thunder!

As a volunteer if you believe in the results, the outcomes and making a difference in the life of someone – you need to keep moving on, you don’t need recognition OR approvals OR bureaucracy OR a rallying crowd.
All you need is your eye on the goal to work against all the odds, all the criticism, all the negativity and you break free!!

On Thanksgiving day wishing all volunteers the Heart of a Lion and Spirit of the Sun – break free dear volunteers…….and follow your passion. Make a difference!