Meet Tater


Hello friends! I want you to meet my friend Tater. I first got to know Tater from a distance, as he lives in a house on my walking route, and we’d often exchange greetings from afar as we are both very vocal. Until one day, when I was lucky enough to meet Tater up close and personal when he was out walking with his mom Cheryl. He was even more handsome close up, with one ear up, and the other down, and piercing eyes. We became instant friends and he’s someone I always bark hello to on my daily walk.

Tater is a three-year old bull dog / pit bull mix originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin who moved to Hamel to be with his forever parents Perry and Cheryl White in February 2020. He enjoys chasing frogs, jumping with them, matching them hop for hop. They hop, he hops – it’s something amazing to see! And Tater loves to spend as much time as he can outside, and even gets to go to a farm up north where he runs with, and rides on, an ATV! I’m totally jealous. Check out his smile and you can clearly see Tater is one of the happiest dogs around. The other thing he loves to do is supervise when Perry cuts down trees. You see, they heat with wood, so when they fell a tree, Tater likes to jump right up on it to give his approval. He gets to be around chainsaws, log splitters, and Bobcats, there’s nothing that phases Tater!

Tater has a nine-year old big brother Beaut who has bad knees, bad hips, a bad back AND a bad shoulder who is his very best friend. Beaut likes to smell the flowers at Hunter Lions Park and take things a bit slower than Tater. Together they like to spend their evenings snuggling on the couch, relaxing and watching television. Lucky dogs!

So the next time you are out walking, introduce yourself to someone new, who knows, you might make a new friend like I did!