Forward-thinking, fast casual spices up Medina by focusing on sustainability and flavor

Located just across Highway 55 from Casey’s next to the new Caribou coffee in Medina, a fresh culinary concept has landed right here in Medina. Urban Wok brings together the best of two worlds: the freshness of casual dining and the diverse flavors of global fusion stir-fry.

Urban Wok prides itself on using 100% clean ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. From crisp vegetables to succulent meats, it appears their menu was carefully curated around quality with a commitment to freshness as well as convenience with delivery service available through third party services and go direct in house soon.

Beyond its culinary prowess, Urban Wok is also committed to environmental sustainability. From its eco-friendly packaging to compostable utensils, various aspects of Urban Wok’s operation have been designed to minimize its carbon footprint. Customers can thus enjoy their meals a bit more guilt-free, knowing that they’re supporting a business that is prioritizing a healthier planet. As their website states, “whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or follow a paleo, gluten free, or ketogenic diet, you can mix, match and create a dish that works for you and tastes amazing.” They also tout the fact that they use no MSG, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors with antibiotic free chicken and beef.

What also appears to set Urban Wok apart from other restaurants is their tech-centric approach where guests are greeted by sleek digital kiosks, allowing them to customize their meals with a few simple taps. From choosing the protein and vegetables to selecting the sauce and spice level, I personally appreciate having the ability to build out my own options using a touchscreen and dial it up to a level of Asian spice that I’m sure others agree has been missing from the Medina food scene until now.

In speaking with the founder of the company, Mark Toth, the flavors at Urban Wok were inspired from around the globe and take diners on a virtual journey through diverse cuisines. Toth’s previous experience as a marketing executive for General Mills has made him uniquely qualified to launch this concept around sourcing quality, clean ingredients, as well as effectively incorporating sustainability and technology into their business model. A model that is experiencing fast growth as a franchise with 4 locations in Minnesota and additional locations being opened in the southeast such as Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina throughout 2023. The new Medina, Minnesota location will serve as one of its main corporate headquarter locations to supplement their original St. Paul location. I should note that their parking lot is set to be expanded this summer which I’m sure will be a relief for those who have gotten takeout or dined in during busy times. Perhaps by the time you’re reading this, the parking lot addition may very well be complete. So be sure to swing in this summer and support this new, locally based dining option if you haven’t yet already.