Medina resident DAN MARTINSON has taken his patented TRUzip waterproof zipper (a completely toothless, silent, dustproof, waterproof, and submersible zipper used by top quality, outdoor product companies such as Camelback, Hydroflask, and Fishpond) to create a new, highly functional fashion and outdoor brand, Booē.

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, Booē totes and backpacks double as a completely waterproof cooler. Because they are submersible and floatable, there is no need to leave your valuables on the beach when taking a dip into the water with the best seller Booē belt bag.

Water enthusiasts love Booē products for keeping electronic accessories safe and dry.

Travelers love the dual functionality of the totes and large travel bags as compression packing bags – simply press out the air, zip closed and increase your luggage capacity.

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