Nikki Massa Reflects Inward to Reignite Her Passion for Helping People

I met local resident Nikki Massa on a sunny July afternoon while she optimistically, yet humbly, tended her booth at the 2023 Summer Bash in Medina. The event was sponsored by local Medina businesses, like School of Rock, DOJO Medina, Anytime Fitness and Hometowne Pizza. In our brief initial exchange, she briefly shared a bit about her transition from a high-stress corporate healthcare job at Boston Scientific to founding True North Yoga earlier that summer. And though it wasn’t until 6 months later on a dreary January afternoon that I got the chance to interview Nikki, her warm, upbeat demeanor still shined through as bright as ever. The first fresh snow of the new year had just fallen which seemed an appropriate backdrop as she began to tell the tale of her personal transformation and dedication to wellness.

Finding Realignment through Change
“I was a director of sales operations and it was a huge organization. I was now so many layers back from the patients that we were serving.” After college, knowing she wanted to be in healthcare to help people led her to 12 years at Universal Hospital Services (now called Agility) after which she moved on to Boston Scientific. “It felt like I was helping people for a long time. And then it got to the point in the last 5 or so years that I felt removed. And then I had my kids, and then, with all of the busyness of life, it just kind of snowballed and became too much.” Thus after 20 years in the corporate world, Massa began a new journey; one driven by her passion for yoga, which she credits for helping her slow down and reassess what she wanted out of life. This realization led her to shift focus towards something that not only she loved but could also benefit others; a similar purpose that initially led her to embark on a career in healthcare in the first place.

Yoga on your own Terms
True North’s business model brings yoga to people’s doorsteps, acknowledging the challenges of fitting wellness into a busy lifestyle. The travel-to-you approach is a direct response to Nikki’s experiences as a working mother, unable to find time for yoga classes amidst the demands of family and career. Her discovery of yoga as a tool for self-care and slowing down inspired her to aid others in similar situations. By offering yoga in familiar, convenient settings such as people’s homes, offices or local community centers, Massa aims to remove the barriers that prevent people from practicing self-care. Her classes, designed for groups of 8 to 20 people – though does offer one-on-one sessions – focus on creating a personal and intimate yoga experience. She believes this setting allows for deeper connections between the mind and body, emphasizing the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Her goal is to make yoga accessible and enjoyable, fostering a sense of community and personal well-being. She recently conducted a “snowga” session in which clients come dressed for the weather and get to experience Yoga like a true Minnesotan in the winter.

Her entrepreneurial skills, sharpened during her corporate career, are evident in her approach including extensive networking, community engagement, and collaborations with local businesses, such as Medina Golf and Country Club and organizations like the Wayzata Chamber, Wayzata Community Education and Orono Activity Center. She is also interested in growing connections with local neighborhoods, especially those with community clubhouses which would be a natural fit for True North’s model.

Passionate Pursuit
Despite the relatively short interview, Nikki’s authentic nature in sharing her story revealed True North Yoga to represent more than just a business. It also appears to be a genuine reflection of her passion for wellness, and a commitment to bringing balance and happiness into the lives of her clients while allowing her own inner peace to finally flourish.

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