In February 2020 Stephanie Feller shared her story about her diagnosis, treatment and life with cancer. She graced our pages again in the November 2020 issue with her daughter Megan. On December 30, 2020 she wrote this last post on her Facebook page, before passing away on January 7, 2021 surrounded by her family at the age of 51. Now, over 3 years later as Megan Feller remembers her mom on the podcast Party of My Life, it seems appropriate to share this message from Stellar Feller – Steff has taught all who knew her how to live – here her last message on what is truly important. Reprinted with permission from Stephanie Feller’s family.

“What a wonderful, crazy two weeks! Angels are everywhere and I’ve collected them. There is so much more positive and good in the world than we realize. Look beyond and above and a whole world opens. Call it naive or pollyanna, but this is what I have experienced through my experiences in the past three years. Cancer is an opportunity and blessing, which allowed me to prioritize and focus to determine what’s really important. I’ve had three fabulous years so far to really evaluate and share things with the most incredible loving people. I so wish you all are given this gift. I’m so good, no regrets, and I wouldn’t change the world for one thing. And you know that all starts with my fabulous parents – Carol and Steve! Nothing, nothing, nothing is more important than having great parents in your life. I believe that this is where my core strength has come from in facing this adversity. Sweeney’s. Zinnel’s. Brown’s Gulden’s. We are a strong tribe! Now for the best part – Kelly. The sister who loved me, cared for me, stood by me, tough when she had to be, while providing unconditional love. If you do not have a “Kelly” you better go find one. I just can’t explain how the world is fuller, brighter and kinder with her. And then there is the true other half of me. Don’t know if you have ever had this experience, but there is only one person I truly feel knows me so well I don’t have to say, think, or act and he’s on it. It’s eerie how loving, forgiving and accepting of me Rick has been. I have been the same fallible person since we’ve met and he hasn’t tried to change one thing about me. He loves me through anything. WOW! When we were talking about getting married he asked what was most important to me and I said family! He has always said “yes” and been supportive of my dreams.

No regrets, there is nothing to be scared of but the fear of not trying. As Dave Grohl says, “No one is getting out out here alive so why not!!!!” Try with everyday, to make it the best, rise with the sun, and make it a great go. Lots of shells, Blue Moons, & Sauvignon Blanc in my future.

Finally, a network of great friends can never ever be underestimated. You can identify these people immediately – collect them. If they don’t love you, support you, and give you energy – move on. We are all on different paths. Be kind, gracious, well intentioned, but if they start pulling your light away, wish them well on their pathway through life.

God has blessed me beyond measure. I am a child of God. Celebrate my life with happy tears! Nobody has lived a better life. We must keep chugging and see what the day brings.

Take care of my people, especially Rick. He’ll say he’s fine. He’s not. Make him go out and listen to good music, drink some fine wine, and fish. Live a full-out double life for us. Dah Bomb!

Now the kids. They have had such a wild year, but have come out so strong. Nothing in life has made me prouder than their residency, determination, love and simply being good eggs. Can’t imagine navigating Covid, cancer, relationships. They too have the best friends and support systems. All good.

Stellar-Feller warrior on️. 💗”