Providing award-winning private education for Pre-K through 12 students

As we close the doors to 2019 and shepherd in the new year, life at Providence Academy continues to hum with activity and excitement as the school prepares to welcome guests to campus this month with its winter Open House on January 9 and “Stay and Play” event on January 25 in our seasonal dome (a private tour is always an option as well!).

Nestled in a residential area off Schmidt Lake Road is an award-winning, Catholic, private, Pre-Kindergarten through 12 college-preparatory school that is home to nearly 800 students. With the convenience of all grade levels located on one campus, families may enjoy watching their children participate in athletic activities, perform in concerts, and develop into men and women of character in this special community.

At Providence Academy, the motto Faith, Knowledge, Virtue shines in each division and area of student contact. We are known for unsurpassed academic education for all, integrating the best of the liberal arts and sciences for real-world success.

In our elementary school, the smaller class sizes help maintain strong learning environments where students feel nurtured and valued by their teachers. Students learn through various STEM-based activities in our dedicated lab space, begin immersing themselves in other world languages–specifically in their study of Spanish (Pre-K through grade 2) and French (grades 3 through 5), and experience music, art, library time, and physical education as a part of their curriculum.

As students graduate to middle school, they continue to grow in their love of learning, practice virtues, and deepen their faith. In 2012, the middle school students elected five Core Virtues to help guide their day-to-day life. Utilizing virtue to grow spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally offers a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to teaching young adolescents.

Once students reach high school, college preparation is evident in all areas of their education: students are academically challenged with demanding and coherent curriculum, they are taught based on sound lesson planning and pedagogy, and they grow exponentially in their reading, writing, and speaking skills. For those students who wish for a more advanced or tailored approach, there is an opportunity in the curriculum to have an embedded honors experience and take more classes of their interest. With two full-time college counselors on staff, students receive regular guidance to help navigate their post-graduation plans.

At all grade levels, Providence Academy is dedicated to developing the whole person. The school’s curriculum promotes students’ academic mastery and critical thinking while continuing to develop their creativity. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of activities from aviation club to service-oriented events. They learn values and important leadership and interpersonal skills, which are practiced and more fully developed through extracurricular opportunities.

At Providence, students come alive in the fine and performing arts under the guidance and inspiration of professional artists who deeply care about strengthening their talents. Whether they are working with clay, singing in the choir, or acting on stage, students learn fundamental skills in order to produce artistic creations and gain an understanding and appreciation of the world. The arts add beauty, joy, and life to the student experience.

When it comes to athletic opportunities, what sets Providence Academy apart from other schools is the access students have to participate in programs. In a world of sport specialization and heavy competition, nearly 80 percent of students in our high school participate in sports, often in multiple seasons. We strive to compete at the highest levels, but not at the expense of an individual’s ability to participate in sports.

If your family is looking for a place where your children can attain a premier education and develop into well-rounded young men and women, look no further than Providence Academy. Come inside, see how we exceed expectations, and learn what we have to offer by visiting us at our January 9 Open House, January 25 “Stay and Play in the Dome” event, or by scheduling a private tour. Call (763) 258-2502 to speak with one of our admissions team members.