Hire the right team.
Whether you decide to hire a general contractor or individual subcontractors for the job, it’s important to find the right team to complete your home renovation. Recommendations from friends might be enough for some, you may also consider doing a check on your contractor—start with NARI MN. (National Association of Builders and Remodelers) look into their license and certifications.

Bring in a designer early.
They can help you space plan and think outside of the box.

Set a budget.
This will allow you and your design team to realistically prioritize what the most important areas are and where to concentrate those dollars.

Determine a realistic scope of work.
What work can happen and when? This step helps with scheduling and determines your timeline. You may also need to ask yourself about what you really need versus what you want.

When getting quotes make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
Often contractor’s fees are similar, yet some may not spell out allowances which you’ll need to get the finished product you envision.

If this is a consideration, let your team know. They will have great ideas based on their experience in the marketplace.

Small spaces that can add a powerful punch.
While kitchens and master bathrooms give the most return on your investment don’t forget the small areas. Adding a beautiful wallpaper and painting an existing vanity in a powder room is a small investment but can be very impactful.

Adding a fresh coat of paint throughout your home can be an affordable update.