Positivity from Ali’s Students

Handmade illustration by Diya Sajlar

Although 2020 was a tough year, these amazingly resilient kids inspire hope and positivity. Fourth and fifth grade Minnetonka Writing Club students wrote the following pieces when reflecting on the last year and looking to the future with a bright perspective.

2021 Positivity
by Diya Sajlar

2021 is filled with possibilities 
With awareness and vaccines
It will be different from 2020, hooray!
An improvement from what we see today.

By summer’s end
We’ll be able to bend
All Covid measures
And resume our pleasures

We’ll be able to go back to school
And learn everything cool
We can meet up with friends
On all the weekends

There are three different vaccines
That we can get
To banish Covid away
Since it thinks it can stay

2021 is filled with possibilities
It is a new year!
Let’s follow what the experts say
And everything will be okay!

by Carsyn Jewell 

The vaccine is finally here 
Maybe we’ll say goodbye to the COVID year
I beg that I can see
My very loving family 
That lives so far away
I wish on stars every day 
Even though I don’t like shots 
I want the vaccine lots and lots

Even though life is hard for me 
We all need to stand tall like a tree
If we stand tall and help everyone 
The COVID time may be done
Life feels quite upside down 
I feel like i may drown
In a pool of black and dark
I know we can find a spark
That lifts our whole world up.




When Covid came my life felt dull
I hope to fly like a seagull
Soaring above all the bad
When life feels very sad
The world can have such misery 
This time will be in history

Even though life is hard for me 
We all need to stand tall like a tree
If we stand tall and help everyone 
The COVID time may be done
Life feels quite upside down 
I feel like i may drown
In a pool of black and dark
I know we can find a spark
That lifts our whole world up.



By Tuhina Mattoo

2020 was the Big Bang 
that shook the world
2020 was making us feel lonely
all in
the dark.
But the dawn’s light breaks at the end of the year
and hope has risen
throughout the crowd 
and people know that next year will be better.

Maybe 2021 will hold surprises to and fro.
2021 might hold the cure to the virus
or 2021 might not.
The COVID-19 holds a slingshot, and our hopes are a balloon.
But even if our hopes of the vaccine are shot down,
2021 will not let us drown in a pool of sadness.

After 2020 our hearts were broken
And our money was spent on a lottery token.
There wasn’t even enough to buy a doughnut for you.
And we were asking “What should we do?”

But 2021 will be different
As we are going to stand tall
Stand tall,
Stand tall,
Stand tall, America.
Stand tall.

by Delilah Wolter 

As you look around,
the sky seems brighter,
people’s worries seem lighter,
with hope for a better year.
We are all happy because the end is near.
This is the 2021 mission with no confusion.

We look around imagining smiles,
without masks for miles.
In your house there is no files,
you can go outside without denials.

Never forget the memories,
with thousands of summaries,
in our hearts. 
We will not forget any,
from 2020.

We see new views,
that seem familiar but also like fake news.
We see positivity for miles,
in many different styles.
This brings us to the conclusion,
that this is the 2021 mission with no confusion.

by Tess van der Voorn

Normally awful 
Now all
I can think about.

Things are tough
But we will get through this
For there is always 
light at the end of the tunnel

Even though
right now
everything seems




We have to keep going.
The harder we work
the closer we are to the old, new things
Summer picnics
Beach sandcastles
And sunshiney days that 
take your worries away.

There is no need to worry, though
We have each other
Isn’t that all we need?

Even though the world is upside down
When we work together
we maybe
just maybe
can turn it right side up

We have resilience
We won’t let this beat us
2021 will be a better year.
2020 be gone

Because if there’s one thing we can do,
it’s find the light.

Find      the       light,


Find      the       light.

by Vedant Chetan

Vibha is a non-profit organization based in the USA that has many fundraiser programs. One of Vibha’s programs is called “Pair to Care”. This program educates underprivileged kids in India. 

Even though the pandemic has made it much harder to educate these kids, it has given me an opportunity to mentor these kids remotely. Before the pandemic, Vibha had a shelter that fed and educated around 80 kids. Now, Vibha has to educate these kids virtually using WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet, and other videoconferencing platforms.

Vibha is actively working to help these kids with their basic education in unique and innovative ways. This will instill positivity in the phrase “Education for All” for the rest of 2021!

by Ainsley Sommers

For a world
With no masks
Scientists and Doctors
Dig for a solution
A solution to this dreadful
For helpers
And older   People
Put hope in others
For futures 
Of safety
Of safety

Brings hope
Like a lantern 
In a pitch-black hole
Though 2020
Was a mess
Still got through it.
Right now, that is
The most important word.






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