Tim Belov


Tim Belov, recent Wayzata High School grad and Medina resident, is at that pivotal moment in his life now that his high school years are behind him.  We sat down recently to talk about his plans for fall and his passion for cars.

Tim, you mentioned you’re going on to compete on Saint John’s University’s swim team this upcoming year. How did you begin swimming?

My parents wanted me to learn how to swim so they started lessons for me at the Plymouth Lifetime Fitness’s youth swim school.  I found that I liked it a lot and it evolved into competitive swimming. From there I then just moved up through the ranks, swimming competitively on Lifetime’s team until I started swimming for the Wayzata High School Boys Swim Team in 8th grade. 

My main events are the 100 Free and 200 Free ~ I like the sprint races. I used to swim year round, taking one or two weeks off. Now, I’m taking a longer break this summer to work at Imola Motorsports in Plymouth. 

Have you always had an interest in cars?

Oh yeah! I loved playing with my miniature Lego cars, racing them all over the floor whenever I could.

My dad used to have a BMW M5, a high performance car. He got me a BMW 335, a 6 speed, right when I got my permit I learned how to drive that 6 speed. I prefer manuals, it’s a lot more engaging, have more control and fun to drive. I’m a shop helper at Imola Motorsports, I wash cars, move cars around, pick up and drop off customers. Last summer I was one of two or three shop helpers, depending on the day, but this year I’ll be the only one in that position so it will be busy. I’m going to keep working there as long as I can, it’s a fun work environment with great people.

How did you decide on St. John’s University?

I have a lot of friends there who I swam with who recommended it. Currently I know 3-4 on the swim team ~ the head coach has been in talks with me since November. I would like to try some new events, but I’m also good with staying with events similar to what I’ve competed in. I’ll be studying business with plans to narrow it down my junior year.  This fall I’ll be living with one of my friends from my high school swim team who also is swimming for St. John’s. They recommend that if possible to room with a swimmer because then we’ll be on the same schedule ~ that way we’re not keeping each other awake at night or disturbing anyone early in the morning if we both have swim practice. In addition to my roommate, I know two seniors on the team from Wayzata too.

Getting back to cars…what has been the most fun vehicle you’ve transported at Imola?

The most fun was when I drove a GT2 RS, a high powered Porsche with 700 horsepower. At the time the owner purchased it, it was a $650-700,000 car with all the mark-ups, a brand new, limited edition vehicle. I drove it from the shop in Plymouth to Canterbury Park in Shakopee for a Cars & Coffee event. It was a very fun experience, it had very stiff suspension so on the main roads it was fun to drive.  It changes gears faster than you can blink, one of the fastest transmissions on the market. Porsche and BMW are my favorite cars; BMWs are considered high performance but at a good price. I’m going to my first track day to learn how to properly handle a car on a race track ~ I’ve wanted to do it for a long time but had to wait until I turned 18 this past February. 

If you could have any car, what would it be?

I would choose a Porsche GT3 because it has a very linear power band, handles very well and, in my opinion, is a very beautiful car.

It’s interesting learning about this up and coming generation. What is it that motivates you?

What motivates me is the final result. Knowing that working now will yield better results is the key.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to beginning a new stage of life, learning and experiencing new things. Also meeting new people and creating new connections.