Football is an undying staple of American culture. It is enjoyed by many at all levels including youth, high school, college and the NFL. In sports reporting and news articles, you’ll always read about the unstoppable quarterback or the receiver who scored a record number of touchdowns. However, the real story lay in the hands of the unsung heroes, the linemen.

The foundation of any great team starts with the offensive line. Wayzata High School won the 6A Football Championship this past fall. In the headlines we read that senior running back Christian Vasser reached 2000 yards this season matching a Minnesota state record of six touchdowns. However, Christian and the rest of the offensive starters credit the unstoppable offensive line for their success.

Wayzata’s offensive line, who dubbed themselves “big sexys,” consists of senior captain Jonas Waskosky at center. Three-year starter and senior Graham Viggers at right guard. Two-year starter and senior Joe Salonek at left guard. Two-year starter and senior Jac Carver at left tackle. Senior Zach Thomsen, and junior Alec Rassmussen, at blocking tight end. Junior Ty Magnuson at right tackle. The six boys attribute their success in the trenches to their love for each other and hard work.

“Everyone says the Oline are the “big uglys,” or “biggins,” but we call ourselves “big sexy” ‘cause we don’t have the most glamorous job, but to us it’s sexy,” Graham explained. “The reason we are so special is because intelligence, race, and personal belief doesn’t matter – we are ‘one’ in this group. In the three years I played for Wayzata the attitude of the line drastically changed, we had the mentality that we were going to get beat on and had to work through it, we competed for our spot and wanted to move onto the next level. This year was different because we had the mentality that we were going to give the shots and we did it for each other.”

“What we do is very rewarding because we built a ton of self-pride, everything we do is for the person next to us and behind us,” said Jonas Waskosky. “We all stick together and we’re always there for each other.”

Head Coach Lambert Brown and the line have a saying that strongly reflects their belief and connection: “There is no more powerful force than a group of men who share an uncommon commitment to each other and achieving their mission.”

The Big Sexys take seriously their responsibility to their position. This consists of blocking for the quarter back, being aware and making calls accordingly, taking control of gaps in their line, opening holes for the running back and of course their favorite, beating up the opposing team’s defensive linemen.

Senior Quarterback, Tom Schmidt, said, “I do not think we would have had as much success as we did without our o-line. At every position, you had a guy who was going to go 100% and give everything they had. They made holes so big you could drive a truck through it, they gave me more than enough time to make decisions for my passing game. As a QB you hate when a D-lineman has a free shot at you, that never happened with these guys. The Big Sexys kept me safe and I love them all.”

The Big Sexys’ favorite memories together consist of the sleepovers they had together at Ty’s house, playing their first game together against Blaine, and being unstoppable at the state tournament against Champlin Park.

Senior Running Back and record holder Christian Vasser said, “They helped me throughout the year and improved tremendously every game. They were the reason I achieved 2000 yards, I couldn’t have done it without them.”