As your special canine correspondent, it’s my honor to meet so many wonderful loved ones in our community. I must say, for those of us who are lucky enough to live in Medina, Life is Good.

Pepper lives with her dad John, and mom Peggy. She is a terrier mixed breed, a rough coated dog that sheds just a teeny bit. Pepper was discovered online at the Animal Humane Society (AHS) website in Golden Valley, just down the road on Highway 55. Peggy was surfing the internet, while John was preparing dinner, when she demanded that John STOP what he was doing – they needed to get to the AHS ASAP! Just as they would have been sitting down for a delicious meal, they were instead signing the adoption papers to become the new guardians of this beautiful eight year old dog, named Lady.

You might be thinking, LADY!? I thought her name was Pepper! Well, after a couple weeks living together, it became clear that the name Pepper better matched her special personality.

[Side note: I myself surfed the internet to discover that some experts believe a dog doesn’t really care what you call them, as long as they understand you are the source of all good things! While I fully believe this to be true, I myself strongly prefer the more formal Mr. Fuzz, then the more casual Fuzz that some attempt to use.]

One of Pepper’s favorite hobbies is seeing how many dog scent spots she can analyze during her daily two or three mile walk around town on the streets and local park trails. When she encounters other dogs, you will find her standing on her hind legs and barking, she isn’t afraid to challenge dogs that are two – or even three times larger than she is! Pepper is brave and fearless.

Pepper’s mom Peg is well-known to many for providing the best food in the 55340. So it’s no surprise that Pepper eats well at home. Her favorite Purina dog food is sometimes enhanced with 1/4th cup of beef broth and a pinch of garlic powder, an anti-worm ingredient. Pepper will snack on raw carrot sticks, lettuce nubs, and apples, and the occasional dog treat.

Pepper is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. She is able to fully communicate her needs, desires and demands, using a complex vocabulary and touch system. She knows her left from her right, and can tell the time of day. For example, for Pepper’s twice a day feeding, she stares and then lifts her left fore foot to indicate that she is ready to be served. When Pepper would like to go out for a walk, she stares and then lifts her right forefoot. In the evening for her nighttime potty outing, Pepper stands on the couch arm, and gently taps John with her right forefoot. And when she wants to sit on the couch and be petted, Pepper has a double intensity stare, followed by an irresistible whine. In the evening, Pepper likes to sleep with mom and dad in their big comfy bed, but always asks permission with The Look ©, and patiently awaits the voice command – “Up you go!”

Smart and polite, Pepper is the absolute best, a credit to her genus and someone I am proud to know.