Zhinus is a baker who uses a secret ingredient – LOVE- to bake some real delights!

If you’ve seen my Facebook feed you’ve seen how enamored I am with my friend’s business – Zhinus Delights. It is probably because I am a raging cupcake enthusiast and Zhinus’ creations are a tasteful treat for the eyes.

Zhinus is a self-taught baker who specializes as a floral cupcake artist. When Zhinus discovered her youngest child had multiple food allergies, her life changed significantly. Combining her love for baking and her passion for creating treats that can be enjoyed by all has led to the rise of Zhinus Delights. From cupcakes, to smash cakes to wedding cakes, Zhinus Delights is who you should turn to to make your celebrations even more sweet. Last year, neighbors Melissa Scczech, Shimna Venugopal and I hired Zhinus Delights to create mini floral cupcakes for the staff and teachers at Greenwood elementary. The cupcakes were so well received and it felt good to support a fellow mom baker instead of a big box grocery store.

Zhinus was born in India to ethnically Iranian parents. Her family is Baha’i, which is a minority religion in Iran. They moved to India to escape religious persecution and ended up establishing a school. Zhinus’ father was an international lawyer working for USAID and soon the family found themselves moving to Uzbekistan for his next job opportunity. Zhinus’ mom is an educator who encouraged her daughter’s love of baking.

After a few years living in Uzbekistan her family immigrated to Canada. Zhinus lived in Canada for fourteen years where she earned a degree, started a job as a cost analyst (accountant) and got married. She had finally settled in Canada, when her husband Nemat got a job in Minnesota as a lead material scientist.

While moving was not always easy, it exposed Zhinus to different cultures and languages. As a result of her upbringing, Zhinus speaks four different languages, is emotionally intelligent and truly is a citizen of the world.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what others are saying:

Zhinus Delights can be summed up in three words: delicious, exquisite, and inclusive. You will never find a cupcake more delicious! The details and care that Zhinus puts into her designs is exquisite–absolutely stunning! Raising a child with multiple food allergies and having a heart that loves all cultures, Zhinus makes desserts that meet the dietary restrictions and cultural needs of everyone. – Ali Alowonle

My family recommends Zhinus Delights for its beautifully decorated home-made sweet delights. They are a mouthful of handmade scrumptious. Zhinus always has the perfect designs and soulful flavors for every occasion – birthdays, game days, spring, summer, fall, Halloween, Eid, and Diwali – that address all major food allergies so kids with allergies can also enjoy occasions like everyone else. We prefer to order from Zhinus Delights for the smooth taste, texture, look of the cupcakes, and my dessert-loving family calls Zhinus Delights the BEST BAKERY in town. – Shruti Vaid

It is said that necessity is the mother of creation. While Zhinus Delights began as making safe and enjoyable treats for her family, it has grown from a small local business to interest being received nationwide. Here in the northwest suburbs, we are lucky to have easy access to this local gem.

Facebook: Zhinus Delights
Instagram: zhinus.delights