Lucky Street


by Lisa and Scott Gilyard

You’re in luck.  Lisa Edevold, of Tiger Sushi, has teamed up with Sarah Bernu, Chef Aileen Soufangue, Sushi Chef Victor Phommachanh, and Chef Felix Navas to create a locally owned gem – this time in Plymouth – that features carefully crafted dishes coming to us by way of Norway, Laos, Thailand and France.

Edevold has never strayed far from her Norwegian roots.  Growing up in Ganvick, Minnesota, she learned about food and entrepreneurship from her grandmother who owned Mrs. Olsen’s Lefse.  Growing up, Edevold loved her grandmother’s “Tiger Sauce” pickling recipe, which she innovated further at Tiger Sushi as an unique alternative to the traditional wasabi and soy sauce standard.   That love of sauce has carried over big-time to Lucky Street.

Chef Aileen, born in Laos, was just 11 years old when she fled to Thailand; she was subsequently adopted by a family in Paris.  Her family ran a cooking school and loved the culinary world. She learned to cook at home and in restaurants and that resulted in a unique blend of her two worlds: Thai French street food.  For example, coconut milk, found in many Thai dishes, is often replaced by heavy whipping cream in France. 

This French-Thai “fusion” is a wonderfully unique option when dining at Lucky Street.  Several menu items have an “F” next to them that denotes they can be made in the French style.  Menu selections include traditional specialties such as chicken pad thai (the number one seller to date), Thai curries, fried rice, stir fry dishes and noodles, and of course, sushi.  And just for fun, the menu features three dishes that are strictly French: beef bourguignon, moules marinieres and crunchy sweet potato croquettes.

But as we said, it’s the sauces that are the real stars of the show. Each dish has its own adventurous sauce, bursting with fresh flavors. And each table has on it two homemade sauces: one is Lucky Street’s unique Tosa sauce  (Edevold’s slightly more refined version of soy sauce), and the other is a lime-wasabi-serrano pepper “Tiger Sauce”. These can be used separately or blended to your taste for sushi dipping. Trust us on this, these sauces will take your sushi game to a new level.

If you’re looking to go beyond traditional favorites like egg rolls, pad thai and drunken noodles (all of which are terrific, by the way), start with the thai beef jerky with green apple jalapeño sauce. Try the tom yum soup in the French style. Both of these are crowd favorites. Then ask sushi Chef Victor for a “sock-it-to-me“ roll. And don’t miss the pad ka prao, a stir fry dish with a dark rich gravy (to use a Midwestern term) that is unforgettable. 

Lucky Street is culinary fun with authenticity and soul; there is a good blend of inventiveness, focused hospitality, stoic professionalism and pride of ownership.  What a great way to enjoy lively flavors from around the world, on the corner of 101 and 6. Lucky us. Bon Appetit! 

Wine, beer, sake, non-alcoholic Thai drinks and tea available.
Open 7 days a week.
Take-out available, and popular!
1400  County Road 101 in Plymouth.