Long Lake Hounds Celebrates 60 Years as Minnesota’s Only Foxhunt


On a cool fall morning, the four beat staccato of hooves carry you out of the woods and into a field. As you crest a hill, trails through the heavy dew spread out in front of you, each created by one of the 15 foxhounds working together as a pack to find the scent. The tri-color hound strikes the scent and his cry rallies the rest of the pack, encouraged by the doubling of the huntsman’s horn. While this could easily be a tale from a century ago in England, members of the Long Lake Hounds experience it twice a week across a variety of locations in the west-metro.

As Long Lake Hounds celebrate their 60th year hunting, they are welcoming all riders to experience the joy and thrill of hunting with them. To learn more, join a hunt, or watch a hunt, visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LongLakeHounds/, website http://www.longlakehounds.com/, or contact one of the Masters, Nancy Bizzano, at (612) 859-1160 or nbizzano@gmail.com or Jon Martinson at (763) 242-9477 or jalmartinson@gmail.com. Stay tuned for more details when the new season begins in a spring 2020 issue of LocalTies!