Layla. What a classic, beautiful name. There have been many a song written about “Laylas” – and for good reason. Laylas are, without a doubt, amazing – and this clearly comes from factual statistical basis without any personal or opinionated bias… This particular Layla is likely the core of all songs and prejudices about Laylas because she is, utterly and without a doubt, perfect. Maybe not for everyone – but, that’s kind of the cornerstone of perfection, isn’t it?

Perfection doesn’t lie in being able to fit in with everyone and everything at every time in every place… Perfection lies in fitting in that one place like a glove. Like it was meant to be. Like she is the only one for you, and you are the only one for her. That is true “Layla” perfection.

Layla has been waiting for her perfect fit for a long time, but she has never been sad that she hasn’t found it yet. She’s never doubted that it’s out there. She’s never worried that she won’t find it because she’s happy and confident and wise beyond her years. She knows that some day, someone will see her and realize she is THE ONE. She deserves that, and the family that finds her and sees her and thinks that will be all the more lucky for it. Layla is amazing with people; she charms them and loves them and showers them with affection and comfort. It’s impossible to have a bad day around this girl. She’s no longer a young lass, things like naps and leisurely walks and just spending time and hanging out are way more her thing than being wild and crazy. Long strolls and quiet nights are this girl’s dream life. She’d rather be the shining star of your home than have to come second fiddle to any other animals & she will prove to you over and over again that she is really truly all you need to feel loved.

Maybe it’s finally her time. Maybe it’s finally YOUR time, to complete your family and add Layla to it and let her “ease your worried mind.” If you think it is meant to be, head over to Secondhand Hounds and meet Layla. It will be hard to not fall in love.