You may have heard of the Medina AutoMotorPlex. It’s a 160-unit garage condominium complex just off of Highway 55 and Arrowhead Drive in Medina, MN. This unique concept provides an opportunity for car enthusiasts and like-minded individuals to own a private garage which they can personalize and showcase their collector cars or luxury vehicles. It also provides a unique community for people who share a passion for motorsports—or anything that has an engine—with hosted events throughout the year. With a variety of garage sizes within the AutoMotorPlex, the garage condos have one thing in common, they start out as empty shells, waiting for new owners to envision a space to showcase their prized possessions and entertain family, friends, and clients. The Gonyea Transformations team has had the opportunity to work with a number of different clients to bring their garage condo dreams to life and create a specialized retreat tailored specifically to them. Within each garage transformation, we incorporated a provided loft and added a bar, entertainment space, and bath.

The Gonyea team transformed one spacious garage unit into a sleek, luxurious personal sanctuary with ample space for our client to showcase their cars, as well as entertain friends in the loft with a full bar and lounge. Throughout the first level, our team incorporated a diamond-plated half-wall wainscot with sleek, black trim. A one-of-a-kind built-in work station and bench can be hidden with large, red sliding doors. The team also designed a loft with a custom cable handrail and overlook to make the garage feel open. A walnut accent wall adds additional architectural interest and works as a privacy barrier and entertainment center, with a built-in T.V. A custom bar, with diamond plate details, thoughtful lighting, and the client’s own “Lamborghini” sign, serves as the distinct focal point in the contemporary upper loft. The reds, whites, and blacks throughout create a cohesiveness between levels, while the warm wood accents in the upper level add a comfortable ambiance.Another garage condo remodeled by the Gonyea Transformations team combines the best of old and new. Our client wanted to incorporate a vintage gas pump, so we created a design with a unique retro-style “gas station” for the lower half of the garage. Integrated brick acts as the exterior of the “gas station” as well as a wall between each room. Upstairs, you’ll notice a more modern design, with cable handrail features in the overlook, working as a “window” into the lower level. The loft provides a beautiful kitchen with modern farmhouse touches, including an island with shiplap details, custom cabinetry, and rustic lighting fixtures. The goal of this loft was to create a great space for entertaining, which is made evident by the great island and overlook bar incorporated into the railing. By extending the façade of the gas station to the ceiling, the Gonyea Transformations team once again created a great entertainment nook and privacy wall to create a relaxed environment in the upper level loft.
At Gonyea Transformations, we enjoy the diversity of styles and projects that our clients bring to the table. As we shift into this new concept of the AutoMotorPlex garage condos, we are excited to continue to invent new spaces and unique designs to reflect our clients’ lifestyles and tastes.