Fashion from a Gen Z’s Perspective


In Medina, the shopping circuit mainly consists of small boutiques and family-owned businesses. As a college student studying fashion, I am always on the lookout for new, trendy pieces. This past summer I had the opportunity to browse around Medina’s hidden gems to see what I could find.

Locally owned shops more often than not provide a more personal shopping experience better tailored to their customers than that of larger department stores; they know their customer, because they are that customer. Nearly all the best local finds I discovered came from little boutiques nestled into the busy Medina streets. Urban Eve and Winston & Co. are two of my favorites.

Urban Eve is composed of two parts: hair salon on one side and boutique on the other. The salon provides a wide range of hair services, while the boutique encompasses a number of socially conscious brands such as Toms and BareMinerals, as well as a ‘personal shopper’ experience. Winston & Co. is a relatively new boutique, opened just over a year ago by a mother-daughter team based right here in Medina. They are located in the same strip mall as Target, just a few doors down, offering an intimate atmosphere with a wide selection of women’s and baby apparel.

After looking around in each store for a bit, I noticed that while I had plenty of items I wanted to try on, there were also many pieces that would be perfectly suited for women of all ages in both boutiques. I tried on more than a dozen items, averaging out at about $40 each, and was very excited about my finds. They were stylish, unique and perfectly fit my lifestyle. One purchase that I am particularly fond of is a pair of Sadie crop Liverpool jeans from Winston & Co. They fit perfectly and are the most comfortable jeans I own.

Both of these shops carry many of today’s modern trends. Things such as high-waisted or flared jeans, colorful scrunchies and boho-style dresses line the walls of each store. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many things in each store that I truly love, and that any woman regardless of size, shape, or age could love too. Upon entering both Urban Eve and Winston boutiques I am greeted with a smile, asked if I need any help, and then was left to browse without a hovering presence. When I do need assistance, the staff is very kind and accommodating, making me feel very comfortable in a sometimes daunting environment.

In Medina, small boutiques and family-owned businesses flourish due to their knowledge of their customers and personalized shopping experience. It’s no shock that with fresh trends and A-list customer service, Medina’s boutique shoppers, including the Gen Z crowd such as myself, continue supporting local.