Okay, I confess. l may have met the coolest dog in the 55340. Chilly Dorweiler is a 10-year old Australian Shepherd, who is intelligent, kind and super chill. While I spend my day as a full time professional house dog, keeping my house safe and yard free of squirrels and rabbits, Chilly is a banker, not a barker like me.

Chilly is the Canine Executive Officer of the Farmers State Bank of Hamel. The bank has been around since 1919 and is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Founded by brothers Louie and Harry Dorweiler, Chilly is the 5th generation to be part of the bank.

If you’ve been to Farmers State Bank of Hamel, maybe you’ve met Chilly yourself. He comes to work with his dad, bank president Rowdy Dorweiler, almost every day. All dogs are welcome at the bank, not just Chilly – it’s a dog friendly bank! I’ll let you in on my secret, the bank is an excellent place to stop in for a treat, both the lobby and drive thru window! Chilly is even paid in treats, lucky dog.

Dad Rowdy is very involved in the community. In addition to being the bank president, he is also a firefighter with the Hamel Fire Department. When Rowdy goes off on a call, Chilly takes over as the president. Rowdy is also a big part of the Hamel Rodeo, so Chilly usually goes to the rodeo with mom Shannon.

At home, Chilly lives on a farm with his sister, Dusty. Like Chilly, she’s a full-blooded Australian Shepherd. Dusty is a busy mom, she just had puppies, making Chilly an uncle.

So the next time you are near Farmers State Bank of Hamel, stop by for a treat and give Chilly a belly rub.