The past year, with all the unknown developments and uncertainties about the future, has been stressful for everyone and devastating for some. Some have lost loved ones without being able to say their goodbyes. Some have been forced to isolate and have not been able to see family and friends. Others have had their businesses close and years of hard work and investments ruined by rioters or simply having to face bankruptcies due to unrealistic restrictions. The fear of an unknown virus and an unknown future wears on your mind.

Unfortunately there are always businesses that prey on people in distress. The pharmaceutical industry, which has faced criticism for over prescribing addictive pain medication, are quickly ramping up the sales of mental health medication. Antidepressants and antianxiety meds increased in sales by 20% the first month of COVID-19 and have continued to increase in sales since.

Patients are often not aware that these medications are as addictive and can be as dangerous as pain medication, but insures large profits for Big Pharma. They also have many possible side effects, one of which is increased risk for suicide.

So, are there other ways to deal with the current stress level that has been affecting us and the whole world? There certainly are!

Go outside, go for a walk, take a bike ride, meet a friend for an outside cup of coffee or lunch, eat healthy, fresh vegetables, fruit and berries, listen to music, take your vitamins, go for a drive and look at beautiful trees, find an outside yoga class, call a friend, Facetime a child, plan a trip for the future, watch a good movie, avoid the negative news on TV!

Since the physical body and the mind are intimately connected, the better you care for your body the stronger your mind will be and you can handle the crazy world better. Get your adjustments regularly at your chiropractic clinic to keep your nervous system free of irritation. Consider acupuncture for stress relief, anxiety or depression. Consult with your natural care providers about specific natural supplements that can help improve your mood.