Nestled in a residential area along Schmidt Lake Road in Plymouth is a stately red brick building. This place, Providence Academy, is a local and national award-winning college-preparatory school where students learn to integrate their thinking and believing in ways that encourage intellectual excellence, faith formation, and inspire a life of moral character, leadership and service to others. It is a place that over 800 students call their second home. Providence Academy aims to graduate citizens who are informed believers, sound thinkers and people of character – in a word, good Christians, prepared to meet the challenges and complexities of American life in the 21st century. It is the only co-ed, Pre-K through 12, Catholic, independent school in Minnesota. The school’s motto of Faith, Knowledge, Virtue still holds true today just as it did when the school opened its doors in 2001.

Known for its outstanding academics, Providence Academy integrates the best of the liberal arts and sciences for real-world success. Its graduates are known for knowledge, discipline, poise and character. They are sought by colleges, including the most competitive and selective, each year.

In 2018 Architectural Digest named Providence Academy the most beautiful private high school in the state of Minnesota. However, the school’s true beauty comes from within and from the unique community that is built by the students, their families, and the faculty and staff. Students and families across the elementary, middle and high school divisions come together in a variety of ways, whether its celebrating Mass, participating in homecoming festivities, enjoying chef-prepared breakfasts or lunches, volunteering to help others locally and around the world, or honoring those in uniform. These examples highlight the many ways in which the generations come together and build relationships well beyond graduation.

Current and alumni families agree. For instance, one alumni parent commented on the profundity of the school’s impact: “I sincerely believe that Providence is a ‘school for life,’ but also a community of outstanding kids, parents and alumni. The first piece is the foundation, the second piece is fuel to climb higher.”

Beyond the classroom, Providence Academy offers students a wide variety of opportunities to further develop their artistic and athletic passions. Whether they gravitate towards the fine or performing arts, their gifts grow here with the guidance and inspiration of professional artists who deeply care about enhancing students’ talents. With its state-of-the-art performing arts center they can take center stage in a facility that rivals any in the country. As shared by a current parent: “Providence Academy in one of the best decisions we have ever made. From the faculty to the facilities to the parent community, we are absolutely in love. Our daughters differ in terms of their academic interests, strengths and personalities and we have seen both of them thrive. We will continue to be active participants in this community and give back however we can to the school that has given us so much.”

Athletic opportunities abound here. Students across all divisions have a chance to participate in club sports and extracurricular activities. For high school students, Providence Academy’s Athletic Department offers 26 competitive varsity opportunities. Eighty percent of the high school students participate, often in multiple seasons. All programs develop students into young men and women of character and confidence, and create friendships for life.

“I attended Providence from Pre-K until I graduated in 2015. It as such an incredible experience and I had so many opportunities that I never would have had at another school. I was able to be a part of multiple sports teams, clubs and theater productions all in one year. I really got to connect with the amazing faculty and staff at all levels of the school, and I know my ‘second home’ will always be there for me.” ~PA alumna

If your family is looking for a place where your children can attain a premier education, look no further than Providence Academy. Learn more by visiting us at one of our upcoming admissions events or call 763.258.2502 to schedule a private tour.