The past year showed us all the importance of having a healthy body when an opportunistic virus comes around. People with underlying health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes suffered much more severe consequences; people who are in good health were much less severely affected. Since other new viruses will come around in the future, it is important to continue staying strong and healthy. Here are some simple guidelines to follow for good health.

  1. Eat Right
    Healthy, preferably organic foods nourish us, supports healthy body composition and ensures optimal function of all our body systems. Setting a healthy weight goal and reaching it is more important than ever. Being overweight is one of the major risk factors for disease and immune compromise.
  2. Take Vitamins and Supplements Known to Increase Health & Boost Immune Function
    Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc are vital for a strong immune defense. A good multivitamin, Omega 3 fish oils and calcium and minerals are basics that everyone needs in todays world.
  3. Exercise Daily
    Even a half hour walk or why not enjoy the Minnesota lakes for swimming and kayaking! Minnesota also has the best bike trail system in the country. Fresh air and exercise do wonders for your health and well-being.
  4. Sleep 7-8 Hours a Night
    Sleep is important for our bodies to rest and rejuvenate. Melatonin, naturally produced in our bodies during sleep, is an important factor in immune function. Melatonin is also the precursor to Serotonin. Sleep is important to ensure that we manufacture the building block for the “Happiness hormone”!
  5. Water Intake
    A simple rule of thumb is 8 glasses a day. Even slight dehydration makes your organs function less efficiently, makes you less focused and increases the risk for depression.
  6. Regular Elimination
    If you follow the above outlined lifestyle this will take care of itself! Constipation or other bowel issues are almost always the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. A good probiotic can also be important to normalize your healthy gut flora.
  7. Regular Chiropractic Care
    Get regular chiropractic care to eliminate any painful or restricted joint problems, promote healthy body mobility and maintain a body free from nerve interference. Your nervous system controls all of your body’s systems. A well-adjusted body is a healthy, happy body!